The Order has a strict separation between its organization and Teachings. Within the Order everyone has their own specialty, each of equal importance. For example, the members of the band write and perform the songs for our services, whereas the Doctores provide for spiritual nourishment. The board enables this complementary structure.

Organization and Teachings are strictly separated. The organization is in the hands of the board. Members of the board look after the worldly interests. The Doctores are responsible for the Teachings and everything that is related to these. Board members cannot be or become Doctores, and Doctores are excluded from managerial and organizational tasks.

The board

The board is responsible for the organizational ins and outs of the Order. This includes the organization of services and reflection groups, and for example, the appointment and dismissal of Doctores. Female preachers are called ‘Doctores’ and male preachers can also be called ‘Prophets’.

The Doctores

The Doctores are responsible for the Teachings. The Order has several preachers, called to convey and interpret God’s Word. The preachers have no say whatsoever in the organization of the Order. On the other hand, the board has no interference in the interpretation of God’s Word. The functions of board member and Doctore are incompatible.


Transformants are organized in circles. A circle is a group of Transformants who live according to the Teachings. Such a circle can be compared to a parish. The first circle of Transformants bears, similar to the Church name, the name Orde der Transformanten.

Members of a circle can, if they wish, choose to live together in a community or other form of living. The church of the Order has no say in or over the form of living that Transformants choose individually.