The Teachings of the Transformants are written in the Sacred Scripture Dictum Dei. For Transformants the Dictum Dei is a route guide that you can follow. Transformants believe that this guide leads them to the best possible life. How do they know? ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Because they experience it in daily life. 

Publication and interpretation of the Dictum Dei

The Dictum Dei is a Sacred Scripture, and may only be published, distributed or translated with the permission of the Board of the Order of Transformants. Right interpretation of the Dictum Dei is reserved for consecrated Ministers of the Order of Transformants and always requires the combination of Sacred Scripture, consecrated minister and thoughts exchange among circle members.

Some themes of our Teachings

On this page you find the most recent videos. Besides the visual possibilities for learning about our Teachings, some readings on specific themes are offered.
Periodically, new readings will be added, which elaborate on the Teachings in the Dictum Dei.

Recent videos

Do I have to be perfect

Do I have to be perfect?

Maybe you think you have to comply to a certain image at school, at work, or at your friend’s? An image that you think: ‘well, others expect me to be as such’. Or an image that you have in your own mind that you think: ‘I have to be like that’.

Do bad circumstances exist?

Do bad circumstances exist?

Maybe you have been in a situation, where you don’t see any possibilities anymore. Or you are in a situation that feels hopeless. And then you think: ‘well, why does God put me in these circumstances?’

Can I make mistakes?

Can I make mistakes?

Perhaps you have had moments in your life that you realized: ‘I am doing something, and it doesn’t feel right’. It doesn’t feel right because your conscience gives you a sign that you are doing something that you should not be doing.


In addition to their application in daily life, the Teachings are practised in services, which are open to the public. These services, which are held by our Doctores, are organized by the board of the Order of Transformants.

For more information about Services you can contact us through the contact form.