Way of life

Transformants are organized in circles. Within these circles, individuals who are interested can create the possibility of living together in a community. If you choose to live in a community with close mates, there is always someone who can help you or with whom you can talk. Joys and sorrows can be shared, children can always play together, and the elderly are also lovingly cared for.

The basis of a community

The basis of a community is formed by our shared religious values. These form the lens through which one looks at every situation in life. The choice of each community member to live according to these values creates a close bond, because you are committed to each other and strive to meet the same goals.

Interpersonal relationships

With the guidance of God’s Word members are focused to do His will and there is no need for struggle. Interpersonal relationships develop, are supported and strengthened through the application and adherence of God’s Word. Nor is there any room for power plays or verbal abuse or fear of being denied, because in the event of a difference of opinion the strength of the argument is what counts.

Advantages of a community

In a community you take care and support each other in many ways, which is one of the advantages of living in a community. For example, when you are sick in bed, you are provided with a cup of tea, when a child is born, many like to help with the care and upbringing, and the elderly have more company around them than just a television set.

Another beautiful aspect of living together is that everyone’s skills and abilities complement each other. An individual’s particular talents and passions are revealed and utilized, which allows one to have an ever increasing sense of self-worth and attainment of potential. Each person does the work which one enjoys,  one person loves to cook, another likes do-it-yourself tasks and yet another is good at conceptual thinking. Everyone is unique and complementary, thus by combining all these strengths you stand strong together.

Working together

The mutual complementary effect of living in a community can be illustrated by a simple situation from which you can learn more than just this specific example.

Someone who is physically taller can easily grab something for a smaller person if it is in a high place. This cooperation benefits both. The one feels his or her added value by being able to do something for someone, while the other gets a pleasant feeling knowing that he or she can count on the other for help. That is how the community concept is designed, for each human being the most successful recipe for life.


There are some who think they lack a ‘private life’ with so many people around them. However, living in a community does not mean that there is no time for yourself. Of course it is possible if so desired. The benefit of a community life is that the individual can choose when one wants to be alone. Yet if one desires company, one is never alone and there is always someone close and willing to be with you.