Equally valuable

Within a circle of the Order of Transformants everyone has their own unique place and role, all equally valuable. Every individual is of equal value and equally important, but not the same. What prevails is respect for everyone’s individuality, and an appreciation for their innate uniqueness.

Every human being thrives best when his or her tailor-made needs are met, no matter what that entails. For example, you cannot water all plants with the same amount of water if you expect them to stay alive. It may seem fair to do so, but what is an enormous surplus for one plant is too little for another. Life means diversity, not deathly uniformity. The motto ‘everybody gets an equal treatment’ would therefore undermine each person’s individuality.

Gender, sexual orientation, intelligence, physical condition or ethnicity: whomever you are, you were created by God as a unique individual with a purpose in life. Every human being is of equal value; equipped with specific talents and therefore skilled in different areas. There is no reason to treat or approach people differently on such grounds. Differences invite you to have respect for each person’s individuality!

For example, men and women differ fundamentally in terms of thinking and communication, but they are of equal added value; there is no discrimination in this respect among Transformants. Men and women can do all kinds of activities equally well, but they will highlight different aspects.

Therefore, when communicating with each other, respect for each individual and their unique personality is of great importance. From this point of view, everyone is welcome within our religion, without exceptions.