Your own will and making choices

One’s own free will is at all times of paramount importance. All of our Teachings are based on this aspect. Humans have been given the choice to live on earth in a close relationship with God, and to experience the most beautiful things by maintaining that relationship. Without your God given free will, that choice would be a mere formality.

In the same way, a relationship or a close bond with a partner or a mate, is only viable if you both are committed to it. Living with each other in a community is also based on a mutual commitment, from which each individual benefits. Everyone’s choice to be there for each other makes living together in a community so enjoyable. Only if you wánt to live this way, you can count on each other, and make the seemingly impossible possible coming from a rock solid mutual trust.

That’s also how it works when you choose to have a relationship with God. There is a reason why man is not a will-less robot! If you do not live with God with your own free will, it is not a relationship that has a basis in your heart and soul. In every choice there lies an invitation: do you listen to God’s Word? God does not force Himself upon you, but wants to live in a close relationship with every human being. If you choose to do so you will experience miracles.

Man’s will is therefore a very powerful instrument, with which you can give shape to everything you are and do. How you experience your life depends on what you strive for and what you focus your will upon. Moreover, your will is sacred in the sense that nothing nor no one can take it away from you, and that it is you who is in control of how far you will go with it. 

Your own personal development can never be hindered by anyone else, as your own efforts count; so that you are always able to act to the best of your abilities, in any circumstance in which you find yourself. The great thing is that you are not dependent on anything or anyone, in showing your dignity, so that God recognizes you as one of His.

Therefore, your own will and what you do with it has a major influence on everything you do. Whether it concerns a job, a relationship or what you eat tonight, you’re the one who decides whether you do what you have experienced or know to be best, and as a result how you feel afterwards. With your own will you choose how you feel: a positive focus yields considerably more than a focus on something negative. It is just like choosing your outfit: if you want to feel good, choose a feeling that you’re comfortable with!