Your body as a school bus

For Transformants the purpose of every human being is to give meaning to a relationship with God as a student at the University of Life.

In doing so, you can experience the utmost fulfillment by learning how to position yourself in every circumstance in life. To facilitate this, God has given every human being, among other things: a soul, a body, talents and a path. Optimal use of these ensures that you will experience your life as one big celebration.

You can visualize your physical body as a school bus that transports you through the University of Life, so that you can learn in every phase. In order to prevent any breakdowns to that school bus, it is wise to constantly maintain it so it remains in good running order to ensure completion of the journey of your path. Transformants achieve this among others by abstaining from drugs, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, because these are highly damaging to your body. Equally, you wouldn’t fuel your car with the wrong type of fuel, and the same applies to your physical body. 

Body care and personal needs are different for every individual. For example, when it comes to nutrition, sleeping or exercising: something that is healthy for one person makes someone else sick. As a general principle, everyone needs to choose what offers ones’ body optimal functioning. 

In addition to care in a physical sense, the way you organize your thoughts also has a major influence on the proper functioning of your body. It is important to always remain in a positive frame of mind to cope with any challenge. Unpleasant feelings or anxieties are warning signs; you notice physically and mentally that you’re not making the most out of your life. When your school bus drives with one or more wheels on the roadside, you will be having a hard time. The good thing to know however is: you can always steer your thoughts in the right direction yourself!

If you focus your thoughts on the positive and on how to turn your circumstances into a strength, you are always in control and you can deal with anything. You feel you are in your element and no one or nothing can bring you down. As you begin to experience more and more success, you realize you can surpass your most wonderful dreams. 

Therefore, taking good care of your body and a positive focus are of great importance to ensure your school bus functions best throughout your life!